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Solar Tinting by Smart Films for house tinting made in California USA are a high quality film at an affordable price. Giving a Matt Black or Charcoal finish they come with a lifetime warranty and have been installed on QLD homes now for over 15 years now without excellent sustainability and proven lasting results. These film come in a spectrally selective range and offer optimum daytime vision outwards with excellent privacy from the outside of the window.

bLACKSTONE10 OUTSIDEChoose Sunblock 10%

When you want extra strong privacy and Glare reduction, reducing heat by around 65% through the glass and giving you a unique yet classy black finish on the outside.



Black Stone 20Choose Sunblock 20%

when you still want 99% UV protection with daytime privacy without dimming the light in the room significantly. This film will still reduce glare from the room.




bLACKSTONE 20 LOOKING OUTChoose Sunblock 30%

in shaded areas where you would still like UV protection however would like to keep your nightime view and be able to see from both directions with low





SunTekSuntek Window Films - made in Virginia USA - the home of window tinting.


Symphony 10Infinity Low Relective 10% 

will definately knock out the sun and the glare totally just like you have bought an exclusive pair of sunglasses. With Beautifull vision outwards and total privacy from the outside, this window film was built specifically for Australian conditions to be low reflective, all metallised and boasting the highest heat rejection in the world for a film without that mirror look. This window film is a best seller in Australia and a favorite in hot climates; house tinting in Brisbane is no longer considered a luxury.


Opal 25 PERCENTInfinity Low Reflective 20%

is for the exclusive and tasteful customer that understands the true nature of window films and uses the different shades to their advantage. Still Boasting high heat rejection, 99% UV Blockout yet with a neautral appearance and no dyes this window film will offer you high insulation within the home in conjunction with your cooling system without dimming the lighter areas such as the kitchen and shaded areas near pergolas when window tinting for the home Brisbane or Gold Coast.


3M logo Window Films

3M Prestige 70  3M Prestge 70 Window Film

This clear window film won't spoil the beautiful view day or night. It is a popular choice for window tinting on the Gold Coast, particularly where homeowners want to reduce the heat and protect their furniture against the ravages of the sun without spoiling a beautful water view. This is also a popular choice for window tinting Melbourne homes and apartments with views over the Yarra, Southbank or Port Phillip Bay.

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