Safety Security Glass Films Gold Coast

security glass film gold coastIn today’s society security & safety is paramount. Are you thinking of Security Glass Film or even safety film for your Gold Coast Business or even to secure your home. “Home & Office Window Tinting” have security films to ensure the job is done correctly including tinted security films which meet AS/NZ:2208 with certification provided.

Security for home windows is essential as windows and glass are a primary entry point for burgulars and thieves. We can provide you with peace of mind at the right price knowing that the glass is virtually impenetrable.

Safety films for home daycare is also a window tinting service we provide on the Gold Coast. Need to meet AS/NZ:2208 for your home childcare faculty. We can provide a free safety audit, install the correct film and give certification for your day-care provider.

Call us today on 1300 658 503 to arrange installation of security glass film or safety film on the Gold Coast or in Brisbane.

Did you know can also provide film installation on the NSW South Coast, see Wollongong window tinting

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